Retail Sales Assistant – How to Get Your Dream Part Time London Job

Some of the best London jobs are in the retail sector. You can readily become a retail sales assistant working part time or full time, if you wish. All you have to do is rely on some helpful tips that will help you win your dream position.

Usually, there are no formal educational requirements for this London job position. What employers value the most is previous work experience. If you have worked in the retail sector before, you automatically increase your chances of getting the position. In case, you have not worked in this industry before or if you have never worked at all, you will have to tailor a previous experience to match the position requirements.

The good retail sales assistant has a number of essential skills. You need to have excellent communication skills as well as very good interpersonal skills. These are extremely important for the job and any employer would expect to see them in your CV and during your interview. Having good numeracy skills is also an advantage. Qualities, such as reliability, integrity and patience will also help you get this dream London job.

You have to highlight all these skills and personal qualities in your CV and relate them to a previous experience. It could be anything from volunteering at a charity organization to making good presentations in class.

The communication and interpersonal skills are best shown rather than described. That is why doing well in your interview is essential. It is a good idea to find and use some free resources for improving these skills.

Being self-confident will help you a lot during the interview. Be prepared to give more examples of your use of these skills. Be a good listener and try to connect to the interviewer.

All these tips will certainly help you find the best retail sales assistant part time work position in London.

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  1. this very good, am very good in that because is what I practice in my country and am also good in communicating with customers in English, persuading them to buy my products and ensuring that they get the right product in the right place and with the right Guy.

  2. my name is collins obi i’m from nigeria i’m 25years of age, i’m good in marketin five years of skills, i just want to make up my dreams in london, i only need this chance. thanks

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