Part Time Tourist Guide Job London – Job Requirements

You can choose from a variety of jobs in London . Working part time as a tourist guide can be truly rewarding experience. In order to get such a job, however, you need to meet the job entry requirements.

The reality is that the tourist guide job requirements vary from one employer to another. In general, there is no specific academic background required. Still, in most cases, you will have to have completed your GCSES or an equivalent in order to get such a part time London job. Some employers will require to have undergone training with the UK Institute of Tourist Guiding, but this is not applicable to all.

You have to have good language skills in order to be able to make presentations and answer questions. The reality is that you do not have to speak English fluently in order to work as a tourist guide in London. Many companies hire people whose mother tongue is Spanish or Japanese or people who speak these languages fluently, but do not speak English perfectly well.

Training and fluency in a language can really boost your chances of getting a part time job as a tourist guide in the UK capital. However, you have to have some important personal skills in order to get a job and do well in this profession.

The communication skills are of great importance. You have to be confident and motivated enough to stand in front of a large crowd and speak to them. You have to choose the right words and tone of voice in order to make these people interested in what you are saying. In some cases, good organizational and management skills are required for taking a group of people around London, especially on foot.

If you know you can meet all these requirements, you can readily start your search for tourist guide part time jobs in London.

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