Part Time Tourist Guide Job in London – A Detailed Job Description

You can find all sorts of jobs in London that can be full time or part time. If you are looking for rewarding part time employment, you should definitely consider becoming a tourist guide. Read on to find out what this job is like.

As a tourist guide, you will be taking tourist groups around different historic sights, natural or cultural landmarks, museums and galleries. You will be showing them these sights and tell the group all about them. You can expect to communicate actively with the tourists and answer a lot of questions.

Depending on the job you find, you can take tourist groups around areas of London on foot or on a tour bus. In some cases, you can take very small groups of two or three people around the city and its sights by car. In general, the work is not physically demanding at all, even if you have to walk. Still, you will have to put up with the outdoor weather conditions, which might not be favourable all the time.

Many tourist guides in London handle organized tours for guide companies. This means that you have to go around the same sights with different groups throughout the day. Others are hired by tour operators and hotels to take their clients to different places of interest in London. If you are an experienced tour guide, you can work on a freelance basis. This will allow you to work anytime you want for as long as you want.

Depending on the number of hours you work per week and on your experience as a tourist guide, you can make £20,000 a year on average. In general, the better you are at what you are doing the higher your hourly wage will be.

If you think you will make a good tourist guide, you should not hesitate to start your search for part time jobs in London now.

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  1. I am a registered tour guide in Egyp and in Florence in Italy
    and I like to become a tour guide in London as well.
    tour guide of Egypt and Florence Mohamed

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