Part Time London Jobs – Where Can You Work As a Retail Sales Assistant?

The first and most important thing to do when you begin to search for work in London is to consider all of the available options. As a retail sales assistant, you can work in many different places. You should take into account all of the available options. This will allow you to narrow down your job search significantly.

You can work in a supermarket. The retail part time jobs in these places are always plentiful. The work is slightly more challenging than in a retail store, since it is often more physically demanding. In addition, it is not that fun to sell food, especially compared to selling electronics or clothes. Still, large chain supermarkets pay relatively well. You can expect to make around £6 an hour.

You can work in a clothing retail store. These London part time job positions appeal to mostly to women, but many young men find them appealing as well. Selling clothes is a lot of fun and you can make good sales, if you have a genuine interest for and knowledge in fashion. If you are working for a large clothing chain store, you can readily make over £6 an hour.

You can work in a department store. Retail sales assistants in department stores are often very busy. The work is quite hectic at times, especially during the holiday season. Despite this, you may be able to choose in which section to work. Since you will know the product and enjoy the work, you are highly likely to do very well. The pay rate is usually not much different from the one in clothing stores.

You can readily find plenty of part time jobs in London in supermarkets, clothing retail stores and department stores. If you get more than one offer, make sure you choose wisely. You have to like the salary as well as the work environment and the work schedule.

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