Part Time London Jobs – Being a Retail Sales Assistant

The retail jobs in London and in the rest of the UK are numerous. In fact, the retail sector employs over 11% of all employed workers. You can be certain that part time workers are always in high demand in this industry. Most are recruited for retail sales assistant positions. It is worth finding out more about the nature of the work of a retail sales assistant to decide whether this job is right for you.

A retail sales assistant is responsible for selling products directly to customers. You will have to approach the prospect, ask about their needs and requirements and offer the right product. If you are really skilful in your work, you will be able to persuade the person to buy the product you are offering.

Even though making sales is the primary task on the job, you will have to do other things as well. You might have to take payments from customers and work with a till and various other electronic devices for credit card payment. You might be responsible for handling cash as well. These are serious responsibilities that require good technical and math skills.

Many retail sales assistants are actively involved in stock management. You will have to count the number of products on the shelves and put new stock on them, when the time comes. You might even be required to participate actively in the preparation of inventory lists.

In general, the job of a retail sales assistant is challenging at times, but it is also quite rewarding. The work environment is quite good. The shifts are relatively short and usually quite flexible. Furthermore, you will get to meet a lot of people.

If you think this part time position is for you, you should not hesitate a second longer and start searching for retail sales assistant part time jobs in London now.

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