Salaries in UK

Before you agree to a job offer you should know that in United Kingdom there is a minimum salary which should be paid, that depends on your age. (doesn’t apply if you are doing voluntary work though…)

For example if your age is between 16 and 17 the minimum salary for you is £3.40 per hour. If you are the age of a student which is 18-21 you have to be payed at least £4.60 per hour, and finally if you are over 22 your minimum should be £5.52 per hour.

In some companies that provide accommodation the minimum wage can be smaller, this is called accommodation offset.

Regarding the maximum salary you would like to ask. The sky is the limit but to be more realistic here are some annual salary medians for different positions in London:

  • Personal assistant – £26.352
  • Software engineer, developer – £31.500
  • IT consultant – £39.515
  • IT project manager – £45.000

You can estimate your salary more precisely using

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  2. Hi – the title of this post is “Salaries in the UK,” but these must be salaries for London specifically. You should be aware that salaries in London are MUCH higher than in the rest of the UK, and this is because the cost of living is particularly high in London. For example, a personal assisstant would only earn around £15,000 – £18,000 in the rest of the UK.

    Salaries also depend heavily on experience. A typical graduate’s salary is £21,000 per year, but it is not uncommon for IT graduates to be offered only £18,000 at the moment.

    You need to be aware of other employment legislation like maximum working hours (an employer cannot force you to work more than 48 hours a week) and health and safety legislation (i.e. reading and understanding a risk assessment: make sure your English is good enough to do this, or get your contract translated – I have often seen non-english-speakers working without the correct safety practices, and they would get into a lot of legal trouble if they caused an injury).

    These rules are in place to prevent accidents in the workplace and are for the benefit of everyone. For more information you can contact the Trade Union for your profession: Some companies do frown upon Union membership (so be quiet about it!), but the Unions are a valuable source of information and help.

    Finally, many companies (especially in the current climate) will try to offer you “contract work” (i.e. you are only employed for 3 – 18 months) instead of offering a permanent position. You can earn more money as a contractor but you have fewer employment rights: you can be sacked instantly rather than having to go through the redundancy/dismissal procedures, you have little defense if you are treated unfairly, you may be unable to claim sick pay, and you can be taxed heavily (and claim back some of your tax at the end of the year).

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  9. The minimum wages have gone up but not at the rate of inflation, more than ever I’m seeing people unemployed and flat broke, I too am struggling, when are the wages going to fall in line with the expenditure on general living….

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