Best London Part Time Jobs for Students – A Quick Guide

You can readily work in London, even if you are a student. There are plenty of part time employment opportunities for those who are ready to exploit them. Here is a list of the top jobs students can get in London and the rest of the United Kingdom.

The bartender jobs in London are among the best for students. You will probably not get to work in a fancy posh place, but you can readily find a job in your local Student Union, a small cocktail bar or a local pub. The work does not require many specific skills, but you have to pay attention to detail and have good interpersonal skills. The pay rate is usually quite good, above £5 per hour. Plus, you can get a lot of tips. In addition, working behind the bar is a lot of fun and you get to meet all sorts of interesting people.

The part time jobs for students in retail are also some of the best. The pay rate is above £5, even, if your task is to organize packages on shelves. In general, all retail jobs are rewarding and relatively well paid. Still, you can make more money, if you work as a sales assistant that gets a commission.

There are great part time jobs for students in customer support and in call centres, in particular. The wages are usually quite high, even for students. The communication skills are highly valued, but there are no special academic requirements for such jobs, apart from fluency in English.

The administrative assistant London jobs certainly top the chart. You can work in your university or in a private company. You will perform basic administrative tasks, such as taking memos and answering the phone. Not all administrative assistant part time jobs in London are highly paid, but they offer great opportunities for career advancement and this is what makes them so valuable.

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  1. I am not a student but i am looking for a job please kindle help me and and i will be very thanks full to you for helping me thanks.

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