London Part Time Jobs for Students – The Most Important Things You Need to Know

Living, studying and working in London can be extremely rewarding experiences. A lot of students choose to work part time during their study to earn some extra income and to enhance their educational experience. There are a number of things you need to know before deciding whether to get such a job or not.

There are no restrictions regarding the number of hours UK students can work while they are studying. Still, you have to be able to attend lectures and classes, so you might have to take part time employment that has shorter work shifts.

Non-UK nationals can also work part time. Those coming from some EU countries can work without restriction. Others have to get registration and/or a permit to work in the country. In some cases, foreign students are restricted to working only 20 hours per week during school terms.

There are plenty of part time jobs for students in London. The ones provided by universities and their respective Student Unions are available only to students of the same university. In general, students can take any part time employment. Some employers even prefer hiring university students.

You can find a part time job in literally every industry, even though most students find employment in sales, hospitality and tourism, customer service and support and administration. A lot of students are working as sales assistants, waiters and call centre staff.

Students cannot be paid less than the minimum wage in the UK, which is £4.85 for individuals over 22 years of age and £4.10 for those younger than 22. In most cases, students earn between £5 and £6 per hour.

Now that you know the most important things about getting part time work in London as a student, you can readily make a final decision and start searching for the right job.

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