Writing a Good Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae or CV is the introduction you will make to your prospective employer.  This is the first time that you will have contact with you prospective employer so you will want your CV to stand out.  There will be many other applicants who are vying for the same position as you are applying for, so you want to make sure that your CV shows that you would be the best candidate for the position.

First and foremost, you will want to make sure you are completely honest when writing your CV.  Do not embellish the facts, instead be straight forward and let your own qualifications been seen.  If you embellish or outright lie about your qualifications, you will soon be found out and you certainly do not want to be seen as a liar by your prospective employer.  You will not get very far in the business world by being false.

When you are writing your CV, start with your most recent employment first.  List all of your duties in order of importance.  Avoid using the phrase “I did”; instead use phrases such as “was responsible for”.  List all of your previous employment the same way.  If you have had many different types of jobs, you may want to only list the relative employment.  This means only use the employment that would be similar to the position you are applying for.  If you are applying for a data entry position, your previous bartending experience would be of no use.

Make sure you also list any and all schooling you have had.  This will show that you are educated and that you have taken the time seek higher learning.  This will also show that you have the capacity to learn, this can be important in positions where training will be involved.

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  1. “You will not get very far in the business world by being false.” Are you sure about this statement? LOL. Ok, I was going to hire the person that wrote this text for my project, but now I see that his bid of $200 is about $199 too high.

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