Tourist Guiding Jobs in London – A Huge Selection of Opportunities

If you work in London as a tourist guide, you will be able to visit the most important and impressive places in the city. You will be able to meet a lot of people from many countries every day. The really great thing is that the employment opportunities and many and extremely diverse.

Speaking of diversity, most people think that tourist guides work in museums only. This is totally not true. There are many different historic and more modern sights from the Tower of London to Tate Modern. You can find a job as a bus tourist guide or as a boat tourist guide. You can work as a private guide and take around individuals and small groups of people around London by car.

Surprisingly or not, you can work as a tourist guide at a sports facility, such as a football club stadium or even the Wimbledon Tennis Club. This has certainly nothing to do with antiquities or art. Some tourist guides specialize in taking architects to architectural sights in London. In general, the diversity of options is great.

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. With events, such as the Summer Olympics 2012 being held in the city, the number of tourists to the UK capital is expected to increase and keep its higher level even after the event. This means that the demand for tourist guides will also increase. It is expected for people fluent in English and another language to be the most sought after.

There are many tourist guide job options in terms of the type of employment a person can get. You can work full time for a company organizing guided tours or for a tour operator. There are also plenty of part time jobs for tourist guides in London. You can readily work as a freelancer as well.

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