Employment Opportunities for Nurses in London

Nursing is a profession held in high esteem by all quarters of the society, as each and every person involved in it shows commitment, dedication and hard work all day long. Unlike most of the other professions, nurses have to work day and night in hospitals and private health care centers. Many enthusiastic ladies after becoming qualified nurses find it frustrating to get a decent nursing job, as it can take time. However London offers a variety of nursing jobs.

Where the locals are benefiting from these opportunities, you can start to look for nursing jobs in London as well if you are struggling to get one in your country, whether you are from the European Union or not. Over the years UK has turned out to be the land of opportunity for foreigners, and your future as a nurse in London can potentially be very bright. For the nurses that hail to other countries, there are certain requirements as per the UK Visa and Work Permit rules.


You must have a Nursing Qualification to start with. It is imperative to register with the UK Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) in order to enable them to operate in London.

Apart from registration, minimum professional educational qualification of three years or 4600 hours of study exclusively relating to nursing with a balance of theory and clinical practice is required. The educational programme must be covering the following areas.

1. General & Specialist Medicine

2. General & Specialist Surgery

3. Child Care & Paediatrics

4. Maternity Care (Obstetrics)

5. Mental Health & Psychiatry

6. Care of the Elderly (Geriatrics)

7. Community (Home) Nursing

You can obtain detailed information about the registration process from the official NMC website. https://www.nmc-uk.org

As you plan to spend your future as a nurse in UK, then it is a basic requirement that you should be capable of reading, writing and understanding English language up to a good standard. Your ability in English will be assessed on the basis of the scores you get in the IELTS test. An overall score of 6.5 is considered to be a minimum, so you better spend some time in preparing for this test. As British Council in your country organize this test; therefore, in order to appear in IELTS test you should contact the British Council in your country or visit the official website. https://www.britishcouncil.org

Experience is a necessary requirement for the registration. Therefore, a six-month experience before registration and with in the last five years before the time of application is quintessential to the eligibility.

If you feel confident enough to fulfill these requirements, then the only thing to worry about is the visa for the UK. For that, apply in advance because it may take a while for your application to get processed. There are a variety of nursing jobs available in London and a lot of options to choose from. Nursing jobs are offered in NHS Hospitals, Private hospitals and clinics, GP Practices, Health screening clinics, Care homes, Health units and Private nursing. So if you are a nurse looking for a better future, London is the place to be.

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