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Trainee Cabinet Maker Covering all Aspects of Bespoke Panel Based Built in Furniture Production

Posted: 27-12-2018
Place: mitcham industrial estate close to tram

Hi, spaced in ltd is an established slow growing but ambitious company is looking for a fifth person to add to the director, two full time employees and secretary currently manufacturing panel based (MDF and MFC) built in furniture in Mitcham and installing it around south London. We are looking to add a range of free standing furniture based initially on our existing built in designs and the new employee would be partly intended to facilitate this. The ability to drive would also initially be particularly useful.
The current team whilst having particular talents and specialities are capable of turning their hand to all aspects of the process from the initial client contact through to final installation on site. This is a deliberate policy with the twin aim of making the process easier to manage and making the job more interesting and you would receive training as required to bring you up to speed. In exchange for this training you would be expected to learn fast, be consistently punctual, get on well with your colleagues and accept the initially low rate of pay. Should you prove yourself over the six month trial period then pay would naturally be open for negotiation along with more flexible working once a good level of trust had been established. A commute required of any more than an hour each way to Mitcham worst case is also not advantageous to application as it inevitably proves wearing and inconvenient to all.
The flexible nature of the work does require applicants who are or could be as happy using a laptop as they are a panel saw or a piece of sandpaper. You may be skilled at auto cad but if you prove incapable of sanding twenty components accurately and neatly you won’t do well. Similarly you may be a natural with a spray gun but if you go blank in front of a spread sheet or have poor English you will struggle.
Obviously at the point of joining as a trainee you will either have more experience on the practical or technical side. Our preference would probably be for someone with more technical skills, again say an adeptness with autocad and a familiarity with spreadsheets who is keen on adding to their practical skills than someone who has say spent a few years cabinetmaking and wishes to learn how to manipulate a spreadsheet however we would be open to either.
Training will be offered in using machinery specifically the table saw and Spindle Moulder as well as the cnc machine both programming and operating. The making process of moulding sanding and assembling mdf components for spray finishing. The making process of assembling smaller cabinets and drawers prior to installation. The spray finishing (water based) process of priming, denibbing and topcoating. The site installation process from sensible van loading and selection of ironmongery through large cabinet assembly and fixing, scribing and fixing of framing, installation of drawers and doors and final caulking and cleaning of the delicate (relatively) sprayed or MFC components.

This job is no longer available

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