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Participants for User Research

Posted: 11 days ago
Place: Greenwich, London

We are currently recruiting participants for user research with the following profiles :
-Profile 1
Small business owners who have registered at the Company House less than 2 years ago, and who have registered VAT/Paye or are planning to do so in the future.
Testing session : 16th of August
-Profile 2
People (individual NOT Businesses) that import and export goods (should be over £800) from outside the UK that had to go through customs (for example: some who bought a car outside Europe; someone who bought photo, computers equipment in china; someone that sell items on eBay; art collector etc.) some may have applied/tried to apply for an EORI number (to pass the customs) in the past as an individual.
Testing session 17th or 21st of August
-Profile 3
People who use assistive technologies (JAWS, Voice Over on mobile, NVDA with Firefox, Dragon, and screen magnifiers Supernova and/or Zoom Text).
If possible we would like to find users that have also, in a work or private capacity previously applied for a TEN license, are considering applying for one or are in a role which might require they apply for one in the future.

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