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Occupational Therapy Support Workers

Posted: 20 days ago
Place: Central London, Greater London

We are looking for Occupational therapy support workers to support people to do day-to-day activities that may be difficult for them because of a disability.

You’d help people who have a disability due to physical or mental illness, an accident or ageing to manage their daily activities and live as independently as possible.

First you would assess each person’s needs and find ways for them to adapt or improve their situation.

You’d then help the patients with their rehabilitation, encourage them to think positively and work towards agreed goals. You would work with individuals or groups in hospital and in their own homes.

You would:

Help a patient get used to using a new prosthetic limb.

Support someone with mental health issues to plan a daily routine and take part in outside activities.

Assist children with physical disabilities to enjoy play activities.

Help people who have had a stroke or been in an accident to adjust to their disability.

Show an older person how to use equipment to help them with daily activities and remain living independently.

The people you’d work with may become frustrated at their rate of progress so you’d need to encourage them and give them confidence that they can improve. You’d check and document people’s progress for regular feedback to the therapists.

You might also check equipment is in good working order and keep a record of items in stock.

If you have the skills, you might also do practical activities with people like cookery, woodwork or pottery.

Personal Qualities

The ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Patience and empathy

Confidence and enthusiasm even when work with clients does not have a positive result.

Practical skills, for example in cookery, woodwork or pottery.

You would usually work around 37.5 hours a week. Part-time hours and job share opportunities are also often available.


Location: Fulham
Salary: £25000 per annum
You would be based in a hospital

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