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Emergency Care Assistants Vacancy

Posted: 36 days ago
Place: West London, London

Working life
An emergency care assistant (ECA) responds to emergency calls as part of an ambulance service team. They usually work with a qualified practitioner, such as a paramedic or senior paramedic, carrying out emergency care at the scene. This could include:
controlling bleeding
treating wounds and fractures
dealing with patients with spinal injuries
using a defibrillator to resuscitate patients with heart failure.
Skills required
You'll need:
emotional resilience and physical stamina
communication skills
excellent listening skills and powers of observation
the ability to remain calm under pressure
What you'll do
Your day-to-day duties could include:
using advanced driving skills to respond to medical emergencies
transferring patients to and from ambulances, using suitable equipment and manual handling skills
helping ambulance paramedics deal with urgent hospital admissions
completing handover reports and recording all patient information
making sure your vehicle is roadworthy, properly kitted out and cleaned after every call
When responding to an emergency, you'll have little warning of the exact circumstances.
For example, you might:
carry out basic scene safety checks by assessing the risk to yourself and others
contact the emergency control centre to request extra support
carry out basic diagnostic procedures under the direct supervision of a paramedic
support the delivery of first aid and minor emergency treatments
monitor and treat patients until they are transferred to hospital
You'll also work closely with emergency services, relevant authorities and health and social care professionals.
37.5 hours a week.
salary: £22,500
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