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Avon Extra Income Work From Home Full Time Brochures Party Plan Weekends

Posted: 24-12-2018
Place: London

Start Avon – ANYWHERE IN THE UK - You’re very own “mini business”. Free samples, Free products, Free training !
Avon is a great way to work from home and control the hours you do. Work it a little for a little extra income, or work it a lot for a lot of extra income – it really is up to you. Almost everyone knows and trusts Avon making it very easy to build a list of regular customers.
FREE to try too, Avon pass you the first 2 periods of brochures for you to give it a good try. If you don’t like it, all you have lost is your time.
How do you find customers?
Pass around brochures – share your own on line store link – sell on eBay/Amazon. – party plan. Or a mix of all methods.
NEW…You get your own personal FREE Online Store to share to anyone in the UK. Avon will deliver and you still get your commission. WOW !
How do you earn?
Let’s say people ordered £200 worth of Avon through you, you earn £50. Or £400 you earn £100, (may I say approximately.) as its 25%. And earning £100 would take about 4 maybe 5 hours = a great hourly rate, it’s just not judged on an hourly rate.
Want to earn even more? Just get more books out to get more order in. If you enjoy it consider teaching others how to start and copy what you do. Avon will then pay you a commission on those sales too.
Bonus !
Ordering is Free. Delivery is Free. Returns are Free. Just in case you were worried.
Most people just do Avon a little and earn a little, but some do treat it as full time and earn £50k + annually. That’s true, I promise.
If you’d like to give it a try, please apply. The only “must” is that you are over 18 years old.

This job is no longer available

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