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Accounting Apprenticeship Vacancy

Posted: 13-01-2022
Place: London

This only suits those who know how to complete accounts or need little guidance.
We guarantee a job within accounting for those who have graduated or studied within accounting but were unable to secure a role due to lack of experience.
There is a limit to the number of candidates we can take due to the number of positions available with our clients.
With us you will build the credentials to get into an accounting role.
As recruiters simply scroll through your CV looking for relevant experience we all know they are geared towards experience. If they don’t see any, then they move onto the next candidate with experience.
On the other hand you have candidates like you saying how do we gain experience if companies are not offering us the opportunity to do so.
We have secured positions to those with no experience in weeks and in companies like NHS, Deloitte, Barclays etc.
You will be responsible for a number of duties and dealing with multiple of accounts at ant given time. Your duties will include but are not limited to:
Profit and Loss, Reconciliations, Sales/Purchase ledgers, VAT, Tax etc.
1. Brief online training if you feel a bit out of touch doing accounting duties.
2. Feedback on the accounts to see your capabilities.
3. Supporting accountant to help you with accounts.
4. Tailored CV.
5. Exclusivity to accounting jobs not yet advertised.
6. We send out your CV to a number of accounting companies we work with.
7. ACCA sign off as well as your objects.

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